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Jul 5, 2016

Fenugreek seeds (a.k.a Methi dana in Hindi)

To prevent pimples: Make a paste of Fenugreek (methi leaves) by grinding few leaves with little water. Now, apply this paste on your pimples at night and wash it the next morning with lukewarm water. The anti-bacterial property of methi prevents the eruption of pimples.
To lighten acne scars – Boil few methi seeds in water for 15 minutes. Cool, strain the solution and apply the liquid on the scars with the help of a cotton ball. Do this for at least a week for visible results.
Prevention of hair fall - Soak few seeds of fenugreek in water. Apply this paste (you can also add curd to it) on your scalp and let it remain for at least an hour. Wash your hair with cold water. Do this on a regular basis for effective results. The hormone present in fenugreek play a key role  in maintaining hormonal balance in the body thereby preventing hair fall.
To reduce itchiness on scalp – Soak fenugreek seeds in water during the night. In the morning, strain the solution and rinse your hair with this solution. The antibacterial property of fenugreek helps in dealing with itchy scalp and prevents attack of bacteria.
To get rid of dandruff – Make a coarse paste of (overnight soaked)methi seeds by adding water. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for a few hours. Now, wash your hair with a mild shampooFenugreek not only lowers the excess secretion of oil glands but also exerts anti-fungal activity.
To reduce menstrual and menopausal problems: As Fenugreekhttps://ir-in.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=exprhomereme-21&l=as2&o=31&a=B00YGKBGPI contains diosgenin and isoflavones which exerts oestrogen like action easing hot flashes, mood changes, menstrual cramps and stomach discomfort.
To improve your immunity – Drinking fenugreek water early in the morning not only boosts your immune health but also prevents you from a wide range of infectious diseases. All you need to do is soak few fenugreek seeds in water in the night and drink this solution in the morning regularly for effective results. 
For relief from fever and sore throat – Fenugreek when taken with a teaspoon of lemon and honey reduces fever by nourishing the body. It also exerts a soothing effect on the mucilage thereby relieving cough and pain caused by sore throat.
Stimulation of muscles during child birth – Pregnant women can add fresh leaves of fenugreek to curries. It not only induces and eases childbirth by stimulating uterine contractions but also reduces labour pain. (But here’s a word of caution. Excess intake of fenugreek seeds during pregnancy could put you in risk of miscarriage or premature childbirth.)
For weight loss – To lose weight, chew soaked methi seeds in the morning on an empty stomach. The natural soluble fibre in the fenugreek swells when soaked, thereby making you feel full and suppresses your appetite. 
To get rid of skin inflammation – Soak few methi seeds in water for four to five hours. Now, make a fine paste and add it to a clean cloth. Apply this cloth on various skin problems such as burns, boils, scars. As these seeds contain antibacterial properties, they help in relieving various skin problems.
For proper digestion – Add one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in your food to get rid of indigestion and other stomach problems. As fenugreek helps flush out harmful toxins, it relieves indigestion and also helps to treat constipation due to its high fibre content.
To deal with acid reflux or heartburn – Soak few methi seeds in water and drink this solution to get rid of acid reflux naturally. This is because, the outer coat of fenugreek seeds turns mucilaginous on soaking and this soothes the irritated gastrointestinal tissues and stomach lining when consumed.
To maintain blood sugar levels in control: Consume methi ladoos every morning to maintain sugar levels in the body. It contains galactomannan, a natural soluble fibre, which slows absorption of sugar from the blood and an amino acid that induces the production of insulin.
For increased production of breast milk – Nursing mothers should consume pickle made from fenugreek. The presence of diosgenin, a compound with hormonal properties, in fenugreek increases milk production in lactating mothers.
To load iron in the body – Consume aloo methi or tomato methi curry on a regular basis to ensure proper supply of iron in the body. As fenugreek is loaded with iron content, adding potatoes or tomatoes to it, enhances the iron absorption in the body.
To reduce the risk of heart problems: Add fenugreek to your diet either in the form of curries (with other vegetables) or in form of methi paratha with sweet potatoes which helps in lowering the risk of heart attack.
To lower cholesterol level in the body: Drink herbal-infusion tea of fenugreek once or twice in a day to lower your blood cholesterol levels.To prepare this, roast few seeds for two minutes on low flame. Cool them for few minutes and make a fine powder. Add this powder to warm or cold water and drink it.  As fenugreek contains saponins, a type of steroids, it reduces absorption of cholesterol from fat-rich foods, lower synthesis of cholesterol and increases absorption of blood cholesterol for production of bile.
To alleviate joint pain: Consume methi leaves to ease joint pain. Fenugreek has anti-analgesic effect that eases arthritic pain and also helps in management of joint pain.

(NOTE: As Fenugreek is known to cause contraction, it should not be used in excess quantities during early pregnancy. Fenugreek is heat-producing and excessive consumption of it can cause inflammation and irritation. So Use it in moderate quantities.)

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