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Jul 28, 2016

Boost Your Libido with Food!

Sexual impotence in men is a common problem whose frequency tends to increase with age. So before you start losing your sexual power, understand that being impotent doesn't mean you have to suffer the problem forever.

Home remedies come in handy to help men achieve greater sexual potency. Experimenting with different home remedies yields beneficial results for less advanced cases. Most Aphrodisiacs have anti inflammatory, circulatory and muscle strengthening properties, which aid sexual prowess.

Here are some of the most common home remedies for treating male sexual impotence.                         

Pomegranate juice- It has been shown by the researchers of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh that Pomegranate juice acts like as natural viagra and natural aphrodisiac and enhances sexual urges both in male and female.

Taking a glass of pomegranate juice by both men and women increases not only the immune system but also increases the level of testosterone in male and improve the adrenal glands in female, these lead to sexual drive in both the sexes.

Garlic- Garlic is one of the most common herbs found at home that's beneficial in the treatment of sexual impotence. Garlic has often referred to as "the poor man's penicillin" because it serves as an effective antiseptic and immune booster. Being a sex rejuvenator, it can improve sexual activities that have been damaged due to an accident or a disease. Garlic is important for people who overindulge in sex to protect themselves from nervous exhaustion. Garlic is enriched with allicin, which improves blood flow in our body, thereby increase sexual energy and stamina.

Chew 2-3 cloves of raw garlic daily. Regularly chewing two or three cloves of raw garlic helps treating sexual impotence. In addition, eating garlic bread prepared with whole grains helps in the production of healthy sperms.

Onion- Onion is considered to be an effective aphrodisiac and one of the best libido enhancers, but its properties are not generally known.

Take a white onion, peel it off, crush and then fry in butter. This mixture can be taken daily with a spoon of honey, but make sure to consume this mixture when your stomach has been empty for at least two hours. This remedy helps to treat premature ejaculation, impotence and involuntary loss of semen during sleep or other times.

Carrot- Carrots are considered valuable in curing impotence.

Take 150 gm of carrots, finely chopped with a half-boiled egg and a tablespoon of honey. Take this mixture, once daily for a month or two. People who are usually tense and suffer from sexual disorders can find relief as this home remedy increases sexual stamina.

Okra (aka Lady's Fingers) - Okra is considered a remarkable tonic for improving sexual vigour.

Take 5 to 10 grams of the root powder of this vegetable with a glass of milk and two teaspoons of ground mishri (candy sugar) daily. Regular use of this recipe helps in restoration of sexual vigour.

Asparagus (aka Shatavari) - The dried roots of asparagus (or white musli ) are used in Unani medicine as an aphrodisiac.

Take 15 grams of the dried roots of asparagus and boil it with one cup of milk. Take this mixture twice daily for satisfactory results. The regular use of this recipe is valuable to cure impotency and premature ejaculation.

Drumstick- Drumstick is very useful as a sexual tonic in the treatment of sexual debility and functional sterility in both males and females. The powder of the dry bark is also valuable in impotency, premature ejaculation, and thinness of semen.

Boil 15 gms of drumstick flowers in 250 ml milk. This soup is an effective sexual tonic for both men and women. Alternately, boil 120 gms of powdered dry bark in 2 glasses of water for 30 minutes. Then take 30 gms of this mixture with 1 tablespoon of honey 3 times daily for good results.

Ginger (aka Adrak) - The juice extracted from ginger is a valuable aphrodisiac and beneficial in the treatment of sexual weaknesses. Ginger amplifies blood circulation and body temperature. Thus, spice up your sex life. Add ginger in your daily tea.

Take half a teaspoon of ginger juice with a half-boiled egg and honey, once daily at night, for a month. This recipe is said to relieve impotency, premature ejaculation, and spermatorrhea.

Dried Dates (aka Khajoor) - Dried dates are a highly-strengthening food and have the ability to restore sexual drive, increase endurance and improve overall vitality, while promoting a Zen state of mind.

About 100 gms of dried dates should be taken daily foe excellent results.

Raisins (aka Kishamish) - Ayurveda recommends black raisins for the re-establishment of sexual vigour.

Wash black raisins roughly in tap water and then boil them with milk which makes them swollen and sweet. Eat these raisins with milk to get the desired results. You need to start with 30 gm of raisins, followed by 200 ml of milk three times a day and then the quantity of raisins can be gradually increased to 50 gm each time.

Saffron (aka Kesar) - In Ayurveda, saffron is used to treat infertility in couples as its fragrance is highly erotic. It can arouse sexual desire and can have a relaxing effect on the nerves.

Use it as massage oil or consume it with food for improving sexual vigor.

Indian Gooseberry (aka Amla) - It is one of the main components that is used in preparation of Chyavanaprash. Daily consumption of 1 to 2 tsp of Chyavanaprash is highly effective for sexual vitality.

Licorice (aka Mulethi) - With honey and ghee, the licorice powder augments the seminal fluids and works well as aphrodisiac. The liquorice powder, honey and ghee along with followed by a glass of milk act as the best sex tonic to improve the vigour and vitality in men.

Musk Mallow (aka Kasturi-dana) - In case of sexual debility, the root powder of musk mallow is recommended with milk. When the root is matted with milk along with ghee and rock candy are added to it, helps to alleviates spermatorrhoea.

Nutmeg (aka Jaiphal in Hindi)- Nutmeg in small amount matted with milk is given orally to prevent premature ejaculation.

Beet roots- It is believed by many ancient Romans that beets and their juice promote romantic and passionate feelings. They contain boron that aids in increasing the levels of sex hormones in the human body.

Coconut Water- The water filtered from coconut acts as a metabolism booster that augments blood flow in our body, thereby serves as an aphrodisiac.

Caviar- It contains zinc which stimulates the formation of testosterone. It makes both women and men sexually energetic and keeps them going for long night.

Chocolate- Pure, dark chocolates have serotonin and phenylethylamine (PEA) which stimulates the similar hormone that is released by your body during sex.

Guava- Guavas are an excellent source of vitamin C and encourage long-lasting seduction.

Hemp (aka Cannabis or Bhaang) - This magical ingredient has been deemed to boost the sexual health. Extracts prepared from its sap and seed contain adequate amount of monounsaturated fatty acids and essential oil that assist in thrilling sexual experience. Hemp Seed Oil should be taken with caution. Take advice from medical practitioner.

Oysters- Oysters are full of zinc, a mineral that elevates testosterone while simultaneously boosting growth factor hormone; both of which enhance muscle growth and physical performance

Maca Roots- It is considered as one of the most powerful aphrodisiac foods. It enhances libido and sexual strength. Maca roots add vitality to the foodstuffs, and also augment functionality and immunity of the body.

Pumpkin Seeds- Consume roasted or raw pumpkin seeds by sprinkling on salads. They are loaded with zinc, which is a superb ingredient for improving sex life.

Pine Nuts (aka Chilagoja) - Pine Nuts are well-off in zinc, which is a vital ingredient for the production of testosterone. Take some pine nuts and grind them along with garlic, basil, and olive oil to make a delicious combination.

Pineapple- Pineapple is a traditional way to cure impotence. Basically, it is a good source of manganese and thiamine which is essential for maintaining sexual health, primarily for men. Deficiency of manganese causes lack of semen and loss of sex drive.

Strawberries- This fruit is a good source of vitamin C. The tantalizing aroma as well as the delighting taste makes them one of the most powerful aphrodisiac foods. So, eat loads of strawberries and soon you’ll be obsessed by a flood of passion.

Watermelon- This yummy fruit is rich in citrulline. It opens blood vessels and consequently, speeds up the blood circulation, which enhances sex arousal.

Asafoetida (aka Hing)- It is believed to be the best aphrodisiac in Tibetan medicine. Use 300 to 1000 mg of it for proper sexual sustenance.

Ashwagandha (aka Indian Ginseng) - Ashwagandha is said to fill you with passion and desire. It stabilizes hormone level and initiates sexual attraction. This herb has been used widely for past thousand years and is remarkably effective. It is an energy tonic that is capable of strengthening the body, improving fertility, libido, and sexual potency. It is non-irritating and safe to consume, and will not over stimulate anyone sexually.

Ephedra (aka Somlata) - Tea prepared from this herb helps evoke distinctive, long orgasms. Drink this tea to tone and nourish the reproductive organs.

Ginkgo Biloba (aka Balkuwari) - This herb is beneficial for arousing erotic feelings. Brew a cup of gingko biloba tea and drink it daily to strengthen sexual organs.

Nettle (aka Urtica or Bichchhu Buti) - Tea prepared by nettle leaves induce long-lasting passion. To prepare this tea, combine 2-3 teaspoons of dried nettle leaves in 1 cup of hot water. Let it steep for about 10 to 15 minutes and drink it. Alternatively, you can also take 1 to 2 ounces of nettle leaf juice 3 times every day.

Saw Palmetto- Take this fruit directly or in the form of fermented juice. It promotes blood circulation in the genitals. Saw palmetto berries are particularly famous for maintaining man’s prostate health and for curing the problems related to prostate enlargement.

Sunflower- The petals of sunflower can be used to prepare tea. It contains vitamin E that has sexually stimulating effect. You may also cook fresh petals in oil and eat them after adding pepper and salt.

Ylang Ylang Oil- This herb increases eroticism and treats frigidity and impotency. The oil is enriched with a number of essential acids and components. When mixed with coconut oil, it turns into a highly erotic body lotion. For external use only.

Jackfruit- Jackfruit is known as an excellent aphrodisiac. It increases the Sperm Count. Intake of ripened jackfruit cures premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido. Moreover, it improves the quality of semen and enhances the count and motility of the sperms. These seeds are mostly consumed in the roasted form.

Arjuna- The white bark of the Arjuna tree is powdered and boiled with milk is an ayurvedic aphrodisiac.

Bananas- They are rich in potassium and Vitamin-Bs which help produce hormones, a rich source of dopamine.

Chilli- It contains a chemical called capsaicin, which releases endorphins in the brain causing a high.

Cardamom (aka elaichi)- It is considered a romantic spice; cardamom oil is used to treat low sexual response and impotence. High in cineole, it increases blood flow on application.

Apart from these remedies, it is really essential to take a healthy nutritious diet and doing regular exercises like yoga, strength training, kegels, brisk walk and swimming etc would be an added advantage.

(NOTE: Follow any few of these natural remedies consistently for few weeks to give a boost to your sexual prowess.  Always take advice from your health care provider in case of any other health issues causing sexual problems. These remedies might not be beneficial for advanced cases. However, you might give it a try.)

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